Thank you and Goodbye!

With feelings of sadness (and some relief), I have decided to close my photography business permanently. 

I have been declining all new photoshoots for the past year due to being overwhelmed with family life, sicknesses and me working full-time as a software developer again.  There is a lot of work that goes into a successful photography business, and I discovered I just can’t “do it all” and something had to give. I will continue to integrate photography into my life, I don’t think that I could give it up if I tried, I love it so much!  

Thank you to everyone I’ve photographed over the past eight years, it’s truly been a blast!!  Looking through photos I’ve taken, brings me back to our photoshoots and helps me remember every session.  So many laughs, so many memories.  I will cherish them all and miss all of you (why it has taken a year to make this decision…)


On that note, I have decided to sell everything from my studio.  My family moved last summer, so I packed up my studio and put it into storage, so I don’t have photos of my equipment.  But, I’ll be getting things out of  storage and taking stock of everything I have in May.  

With over 8 years of collecting and shooting, I have accumulated many things (but slimmed down to the most useful things often because I hate clutter).  I have many props/setups for newborn photos and Christmas Minis, as those were my main focus.  I also did a lot of back to school minis, family sessions and mom-and-me sessions, so have props and backdrops for those.

I would really like to sell everything to a person starting out, as I would have loved to do the same when was starting.  I’m still working on a price, but would include my own digital actions/workflows/website/mentoring/etc. in the sale as I would love to help someone be successful right away.

I am also working on a list of all equipment/props to sell individually and will update this page below. In the meantime, here is a list of things from my brain:




  • Homemade wood backdrop, handpicked weathered 2×6 and 2×8 cedar boards from local mill that were sanded on one side and painted white on other side so they could be easily flipped.  I’ll have to measure, but I think it covered 8×12 upper and 8×12 lower areas.  This was my pride and joy and used for most of my studio sessions (and most requested by clients).
  • Portable heavy duty backdrop stands and bar to hang long seamless paper rolls.
  • Various cloth (Intuition Backdrop) and seamless paper rolls


Newborn Related

  • WRAPS, so many wraps…and little hats, and little pants and things.  I’ll take some pics!
  • Baskets, bowls, etc.
  • Boxes, wreaths, outfits
  • Large posing bean bag
  • MANY backdrop fabrics – lots of variety, but collected mainly neutrals the last few years.
  • Flokatis, furs



  • Will get pictures when unpacked, too many to describe and I’m not sure what I want to keep for personal use yet.



  • School desks, chairs (little and big), linen posing couch and bench for families, stools, themed props for Easter/Valentine’s Day, fake flowers


Let me know if you are interested in anything and check back for photos and a complete list in May.   My email is:


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